The Encrypter Page

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ASCII Encryption

Type what you want to encrypt in this box.

(Click"Encrypt" to encrypt your text)

(Click"Decrypt" to decrypt to back original message.)






Character Encoder

Original String Encrypted Code
Type your message here.

Your encoded message is here.






Virgenere Encryption
(This encrypter can be slow)

Type the message you want to encode in this box

Type a Code Phrase:

Remember your "Code Phrase" you will need it to decrypt the message.






XOR Encryption 4

Type the message you want to encode in this box

Enter a Password

Remember Password

Don't forget the password you use for a given encryption you will need it to decrypt message






Text Encryption


  1. Input the password into the password field.
  2. Optionally, input the signature into the signature field:
  3. Input the plain text into the plain text field.
  4. Press the SECURE button and observe the encrypted text.
  5. Press the UNSECURE button and look at the decrypted text.
  6. Check the "new lines used" if you add additional lines and reencrypt.

Password: Optional signature:
New lines used

Plain text:


Encrypted text:

Type what you will encrypt in box.

Your encrypted results in this box


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All these Scripts (in there basic form) have been and can be obtained from
The scripts on this page have been modified by Cyberwize and dressed up and reset buttons added.
Following are to originial makers of these scripts, much thanks guys.
1 - David Salsinha  
2 - Mike McGrath
3 - Francisco Ryan Tolmasky Web address no longer valid
4 - Copyright 2001 by Terry Yuen  
5 - Tomislav Sereg
5 - Tomislav Sereg e-mail encoder